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KEMPEROL 022 Waterproofing

KEMPEROL 022 Waterproofing

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As waterproofing in combination with KEMPEROL® 500 Fleece for walls and floors in wet rooms, such as
– Household bathrooms
– Hotel bathrooms
– Shower installations
– Sculleries
– Washrooms
– Sides and edges of swimming pools
Tested according to ETAG 022
For walls and floors in wet rooms with direct or indirect load and floor drainage
For new buildings and repair work


Load class A according to ETAG 022 (= high-level load)
Bridges 1.5 mm cracks
Bridges min. 2 mm joints
Can be applied cold
Permeable to water vapour
Single layer application


Solvent-free, liquid synthetic material based 2K waterproofing.


KEMPERO 022 Waterproofing

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